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Temperature and Mask Detection Robot System

provided as a service

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The only Artificial-Intelligence Detection Robot System for Automated Non-Contact Temperature and Mask Screening, for placement inside or outside an entrance for stores, offices, warehouses and other facilities.

Robot "talks" to the person seeking to enter, with results . . . permission or refusing entry.

No operator required.

Your staff remains at a safe social distance.
The lowest total cost of operation of any system. Far below the cost of putting a staff person at risk by their manually taking forehead temperatures.

A Robot system working 24/7 (168 hours a week) costs far less than an employee working 1 shift, 40 hours a week.

The only state-of-the-art system available in the US.

Turn-key system which is only supplied as a service.
No capital expenditure for the customer.
We design, configure, manufacture, install and service the system.

Available from no other source.

Ease of Use:

Roll into place, power up the system and begin screening for wearing of mask and/or temperature. If a person is not wearing a mask, it will not approve their entering location. And/or, if the person's temperature is too high, it will not approve their entering location. Automated voice gives each person their results.


A person walks up to the robot, the floor can be marked where they should stand, and looks at the device. A temperature reading is from a person's forehead. The distance from the unit to the person is approximately 15-25 inches.
A temperature reading takes about 300 milliseconds. About the same time as a blink-of-an-eye.
The temperature is accurate to within ± 0.3 (℃).

Processing Throughput:

Individuals can be processed in 5-10 seconds each, depending on the location setup.
Processing rate of each detection robot is approximately 360-720 people an hour.

Optional Features:

Bilingual version
- Robot speaks in both English and Spanish.
- Other language combinations can be provided.

Additional high temperature detection alerts available
- buzzer
- flashing light
- email with photo, temperature, timestamp - providing documentation for each high temperature individual
- text message alert to cellphone
- remote live audio and video connection within 500 feet between the Robot and a control person.
  Allows the control person to see and talk to the individual being detected.

*Free 2-week trial:

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