Entrance Screening


Food Processing and Distribution, Meatpacking Industries

and other mandated businesses/activities

Mask and Temperature

Mitigating ➞ Covid, Flu, Colds and similar Transmittables

meet the requirements of Cal/OSHA and . . .

Be the Best Winner with
Fewer Employee Sick Days ♦ ♦ ♦
Mitigating Liabilities ♦ ♦ ♦
Higher Profits ♦ ♦ ♦

For Meatpacking, Food Processing and Distribution

and other mandated


  • Our Detection Robot

  • Speaks to your employees

  • En Español and in English

The only Artificial-Intelligence Detection Robot System for Automated Non-Contact Temperature and Mask Screening

Robot "talks" in English/Spanish to the person seeking to enter, with results . . . permission or refusing entry.

Robot immediately communicates to management the identity of any person with a high temperature detection.

A temperature reading takes about 300 milliseconds. About the same time as a blink-of-an-eye.

Process 360-720 people an hour per Robot.

Free Zoom Demonstration and Free 2-week Trial for qualified entities. Call 800 884-3864

Costs up to 86% less than using human staff to provide the monitoring

A turnkey solution provided as a service

For a low weekly fee

You have no capital costs, no maintenance, and provide no technical knowledge

We monitor the Robots 24/7. Visit, maintain and check their calibration weekly

You supply a standard electrical receptacle and a standard network wired internet connection

Detect, Deter, Defend, Protect and Save

Enhanced Risk Management.

There has been an increase in litigation filings against employers for gross negligence, not taking prudent measures to prevent the introduction and spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

Have you implemented the Cal/OSHA requirement, and can document its occurring at the beginning of each shift for each employee, that the employer must implement Covid symptom screening?

Relying on employees to self-screen at home is unrealistic. It will never stand-up in a class-action lawsuit or other litigation against an employer.

Humans being what humans are, their maintaining self-discipline and individual record-keeping for every workday is unrealistic. Minimally paid employees are more concerned about making the few dollars they need to earn each day to eat and feed their families, than they are as to whether they feel well enough to work.

They must work to eat/survive.

If asked by their employer "to evaluate their own symptoms before reporting to work", how is an employer going to know and have proof of the employee's self-evaluation? How can the employer when faced with litigation, prove they were prudent and not negligent?

Most workers in the food processing industries have no skills or minimal skills, have minimal education, often do not speak English and are paid minimal wages.

How is an employer going to defend themselves against an allegation of gross negligence, if they do not screen onsite for symptoms, masks and temperature, and maintain logs?

Have you consulted with your attorneys on this matter?

Call your attorneys first, and then call us at 800 884-3864.